NEWS: 31 10/2022


CFOS/H …The first certified fiber course in FTTH has been conducted at FIBERTECH company. The team has successfully passed the certification exam.

NEWS: 29-9-2022

The Fiber optics Certification program CFOT® from Fiber Optic Association- FOA, was held at Arrow Academy.  Participants from: ZAIN, NEPCO and Strand have successfully passed the main professional international exam. They joined 89,271 certified technician and engineers worldwide.

NEWS: 11-8-2022

Group of Public Security (PSD) Engineers have successfully graduated from the international certification program of fiber optics CFOT® “FOA-Fiber Optic Association” held in Amman by Arrow Academy.

News: 4-8-2022


  CFOT training course for a group of fiber optic subcontractors in     Jordan by Arrow Academy has been conducted in Amman:

– Saleh Al Zhgoul – Free lancer
– Hamza Jaber – Strand
– Hazim Khdeir
-Mahmoud Zghoul

News: 5-6-2022

The second group of CFOS/D certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Design has been conducted.

"Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship" , MODEE


Group of TRC Engineers has completed Professional fiber training course and successfully passed the CFOT exam by the international Fiber Optic Organization FOA

News: 25-5-2022

The first CFOS/D group passed the certification exam .

"Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Design"

- Fibertech Company
- Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship MODEE

News: 20 – 4-2022

The Secretary-General sponsors the ceremony of distributing the FOA certificates to a group of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship , employees who were awarded the CFOT degree through Arrow Academy.

News: 3-3-2022

New groups of MODEE engineers who are supervising the NBN Fiber project in the central region of Jordan have completed Professional fiber training courses, by the international Fiber Optic Organization FOA

The second group of MODEE engineers passed the CFOT exam

Ahmad Hayajneh
Sameer Btoosh
Jafar Al Sharaiah
Marwan Tommaliah

News: 10-3-2022

The third group of MODEE engineers passed the FOA CFOT exam

Marwan Harran
Mohammad Arar
Nofal Al Ali
Haitham Allan

News: 17-2-2022

FOA CFOT program for Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship engineers, running the NBN fiber project at Madaba region.


Malik Al Shorman
Monther Amayrah
Ahmad Rawashdeh
Jafar Al Zan
Sahem Zawahreh

Five days course with both theory and practical sessions was held at AES -the Certified FOA center in Jordan-  during the period from 13th to 17th February , 2022 for the first group of MODEE engineers running the NBN Mega Fiber at Madaba region. By the end of the course, the  CFOT exam was conducted by the Fiber Optic Association FOA, the whole team passed.